Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Quick 60

Writing !!!!

    W.A.L.T My writing  in the  weekends  and this  actually  happened
SC I will
have  good  punctuation
 great spelling

THE DAY I LOST MY COUSIN AT THE PARK !!! How did I forget her ?!
 Me and my cousin were getting ready to go home. But she said ‘ I want to stay longer ‘
 but I said NO so she got anger and went somewhere while I was packing up.
Later on she said she was behind me while she was playing and
 I walked home stupid thinking she was . I found out she was not there
 I just SCREAMED!!! And I was like I’M GOING TO DIE !!
I went back to the park and she was just sitting on the swing so I got her and
 we went back home …

Monday, September 3, 2018

Comment of the week !!

W.A.L.T comment on people blogs every week for our challenges  for posting 5 posts and see who gets the most points on the whiteboard

 This  week we  were  commenting  on people's  blog  and I love  commenting    on people  blogs  it  just fun . 

NO More Warts !!!!!!

W.A.L.T They make connections between their prior knowledge of healing remedies and the ideas in this text. 
Sc: will
1 : Add more detail 1 need more punctuation
 2 :More key ideas.

My Blog Data

W.A.L.T see how much post we have in the years. 
 SC:I will try and get more post up throw the year .

This  is  my blog  data  its all my blog post through  the  year .

 2017 I only  did  a  little  bit  
 Before  I couldn't  post anything  I didn't  know why but  I found  out  why so  I got  back on track and  started  posting  .

In 2018
I kinda  made a  little bit  of  progress in it  cause I started  posting this  year  while  last year
I could  not  really  get things  done  much  


so we had to check someone work it was pretty fun reading there working and marking it .