Tuesday, March 27, 2018

my Cybersmart

W.A.L.T keep are chrome book safe and flowing the kawa of care

being a good friend

What being a good friend means.

Firstly: Being a good friend is by giving them a hand and showing what to do if they get stuck then help them out and by being a good friend and let them know that you're there for them and show manaakitanga and respect and joy and always make them feel welcome.

Secondly: be there when they need someone.Always show respect to them and never leave them out because they will feel lonely and sad because u left them on their self.  always say hi or give a smile when you see them so they feel good and happy. Don’t be a bucket dipper to your friend and always be true to them and never lie to them at all cause that just being a bad friend so always tell the truth to them.

Thirdly :  If someone bullies  them would you help out I would  because it the right thing and always let them join and never say no to your friend cause that being a bucket dipper to them and always be nice to them . Give them a hug when they feel down and always be there for them and always show Kaha and manaakitanga to them and always care for them if they need someone  to be there for them .
Conclusion/summary: If someone is hurt will u help them I would cause that what a friend does and always show respect and Tikanga too them and always make them welcome to whatever you do and always play with them if they're left out and always let a friend play and never leave anyone out.


so we had to check someone work it was pretty fun reading there working and marking it .