Monday, November 27, 2017

Come and read this it for your healthy !!!!!

I Agree that sports is important. I mean right?

Firstly , Sport is vital  because it keeps our bodies   healthy, strong and fit.
Healthy body that’s what everybody want isn’t it ?  For example, when you run your legs muscles get stronger, stronger and stronger. Added to  this , When you play sports your heart pumps fast doesn't it ? You are building up your fitness every time you too fitness training.  Have you  face your fear in a  game before  .

I think  doesn't it get all your bodies  working and you will be great . If you just eat lollies everyday  you could die faster  . ( But if you are smart you can eat healthy, ) but if you are  just sit there eating all day instead of going outside and training you could be lazy  . you should be healthy great,vital  if you want to play you should listen to your couch and if your team loses don’t say i giving up don’t say that because you will feel disappointment , disgust  .But don't hate yourself  for it be happy for it  .

Secondly   If you love sport is  it amazing  for you ? cause sports is so fun for me. People say it difficult but it not because.   Some advice  you can play with your friend and it will be  really fun if you enjoy it . It so much fun  that you will have the best time in sports .A little dirt won't hurt you .

Lastly When  you do fitness because  you  can get your heart rate and  speed and  get’s  you moving and exercise is it  fun for  you it is for me .  You  will get tide but you are having fun , Get some sports in you  people, don't   you think it’s   healthy for your  body but it is vital for your healthy  . You can be strong  and better an better and faster don't you think sports is healthy  ? well I do you know why is it  because of your healthy you can die first or  you can  be lazy or fat  so you should get into sports because it can help you in your life like asthma  .

Isn't it appalling that every one know how to play sports but   you don’t

In my summary  I agree that sports is important because it can help you in your life like I said before  

Sport is important because it keeps our bodies   healthy and strong .

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

My Experiment! (Look)

IN class I am doing and experiment
are surgery  and diet drinks harmful?
my hypothesis is I predict that the eggs will desolve
so far i have seen this happen to the eggs that are in the red bull.


I have observed that the red bull seems to be more acidity than the others and it may desolve the egg faster.


so we had to check someone work it was pretty fun reading there working and marking it .