Tuesday, May 23, 2017

caring for cats

i want to improve my changing of my voice and not rushing and stop at the full stop s

Thursday, May 18, 2017

my holiday recount

WALT check that we have used correct structure for recount
To be successful we will:
  • Say who, when, where and what at the beginning of our recount
  • Use time words between events (Firstly, After that, next and finally
  • End with a reflection (my thoughts about the event)

We will try to have every sentence begin with a capital letter and end with a full stop
Who Myself my family  
When and Where The school holidays from the Coromandel to Northland.
What How me and my family moved to Kaikohe and what we did for the holidays.
Main event 1 Moving movies and learning about my family.
Main event 2 Going to the holiday programme in kaikohe
Reflection (my feelings/thoughts about the day)I am excited to be here in Kaikohe and start school.
The time words
i will use a few seconds later
Shortly later                                          

Draft here Begin….               \        What is a flash mob

In the school holidays me and my family moved to kaikohe we moved here from Thames in the Coromandel.  I did heaps fun things in the holidays .

On the first week of my holidays my parents, took me, my sister and my cousin to the movies.which was in kerikeri.

. went to the stone store and found out where my Cook family came  from and it was so much fun .
This  is where there is so many rocks and crystals  you can buy .

A few second later  we watched the 3D movie the lost smurfs. It was really fun and we had lots of yummy snacks it was kind of boring waiting for my mum.

On the next  week we helped our parents, organise our bedrooms and we went to the holiday programme, where we went to Takou Bay and did flash mobs  in Paihia,Kaikohe and i forgot the other place  We  were recorded and it was posted  to youtube . A flash mob is when you go to places and do huckers and do them straight  away then you go and do it again .
Last week i   went to paihia with my family
to see one of my mum’s  cousin  so then we can go do some easter egg hunts  and they all hid them in the car my sister won and she got the most and got less but she got 54 and i got 35 eggs my sister got a big bunny but i  was lucky and i got  one two  then we went home .it was fun and that holiday was really fun and the move was sad and it was boring packing .


so we had to check someone work it was pretty fun reading there working and marking it .