Tuesday, June 27, 2017

My cool weekend Hunted House

                                               My weekend
We broke into an old SPOOKY  Haunted House .  RAAAAAA! My sister scared me  it was scary. When I got in there My friends went first then I was last.  We all went around the house, one of the doors did not open, so we left that one . We went up stairs and the rooms were scary so we went down.

Then we wanted to play some games so we played some games like hide and go seek and spot light but lucky  we had torches, to see after an hour we got out and we went to the park . it was kind of boring there and we got some drinks .

 Then we went back  after we had Ice cream . we went home for a bit we went back for a bit then we got out and then we all went home.  We played  some games and it was fun then I had to go too KeriKeri, go see my Aunty and Uncle for my cousin  birthday

We went home and then we went down the street and played with our bikes .

IT was getting late so we played  outside  with my cousins for a little  bit . Then we had to go inside then later we all  Went out and we played for a little bit .  Then we all had to go in because it was a school night .  After school we were planning to go back there but it was to far #We were not aloud out of the street .

We played at my cousin's house and so we were playing on the tramp and  played around the house .

I  went with my mum up to the shop up town with my sister and it was fun then we went home and we played for about  10 minutes then i  had to go in side.

My favorite one was  the birthday went to the beach to have it was really fun  The Haunted spooky House was very scary and the rooms was the scariest one in the whole house .

I never knew what was in that room but i want to know what in there but i never wanted to go back in the Haunted House ever again …...                                                                     

                                                                   The End               

How loves simple,compound, complex

it was hard tying to find a compound and a complex sentence the simple one was easy but the music was hard to do . hope you like it

thanks for watching  

Who knows how to dance? well if you don't this is a good place for you to learn.

In our class we are learning about elements of dance. The dance elements are body awareness space and time.

The ideas I like dancing to are

Melting,Gliding,Marching,Darting,Stomping,Rowing,Growing and punching. E-waste is electrical waste. It becomes E-waste when old stuff is going out of fashion why is it because it has already be over over and the new stuff has so much stuff you are obsessed with it you don't stop. When you look for your clouds it not there and it is expensive to fix two. E-waste is very waste full We are making a dance. We did a dance then the old people came on and it was fun.

 we need to do the mi-shine one we did not
finish it all we only did some of it but some got cut out  of it .

 it was fun we all had to get in a team
and do broken down robot it was
fun doing all of this and we did some
freeze mo shine in  the video we did good
on the first but we did not record it again
but the first one was good  




the new one was fun but it was hard
doing it all but  it was really
really fun doing .


How loves singular words and Plural

singular and plural are very easy and fun to do . it is the best and you can put ies and ves in it so much fun .

Monday, June 12, 2017

Sunday, June 11, 2017

how loves book review i do it the best

book reviews are the best but hard work to i love book reviews do you .

how fun is maori it so fun

it was to hard to get all of the moari words going back all the time to get the maori words

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Who likes coordinates!!

This week I have been learning to read and plot coordinates now its time to show you how to read and plot         coordinates.                        

problem solving


so we had to check someone work it was pretty fun reading there working and marking it .