Thursday, September 21, 2017

Monday, September 4, 2017

on my holidays and weekend

                                                       On friday night
On the last day of school  night I went too go too my nans to pick up my clothes because I went to go for a muddy  bike ride with my nan on last weekend so we went off to get my clothes  and my bike.

                                                   On fun saturday
On saturday I went too go too my popper farm to go help with my sister and my cousin.later on we  went and we stayed there all day it was fun we got to play  with the pigs and the cows we got to ride horses down there it was  really fun we play soccer I won 5 times and it was just me on my team and my cousin and sister try to take the ball of me but it did not work so we stopped we went back home .

                                             On the next weekend

So we were getting ready go too the Ngawha pools . first We got in the car and went  to the pools it was cold when we got  out  of the car.   my mum paid .Then  we went in the a doctor hot pool we stayed in there for about 4 minutes .So then we went to the baby one but it was too cold because it was raining there so we got out .Then  went back  to   doctor then we went to  go  relaxing in the  doctor .Then we went  to get in bulldog but it was too hot for as so my sister tried it and she said it was too hot because it bolling hot for my foot in bulldog .

Rules at Ngawha pools:
  1. Don't put your head under the water
You will get bugs in your ears .
2. When you are a kid or adult don't move around in
The bulldog only if you move on the seat if it too hot for you .
3.don't run on the dick or you will heart yourself
And walk slow on the dick because it wet too.

Back to the story:
Me & wai & kura went back to doctor after we tried the sand one i didn't remember the name too it but it had sand in it and was relaxing there we went there for a little bit . the we got out got change .So we went too the  shop and got some lollies and we went home and whacthed some movies then we fall asleep .


i just want to get back in the pools and relax in there i will never forget about  that time ever again and  i wish i could go for the long bike ride again ...the End


so we had to check someone work it was pretty fun reading there working and marking it .